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Monday, May 23rd, 2022
The Portfolio of, Ashtonesia Nekolah, is a person with an invigorating sentimental touch to still photography, a direction that is crafted from what I call, the grand design, change bringing me closer to the window that is not stained with distractions that will blur my vision from being me I admire those people that reflect their love for humanity in the images they capture throughout life, without the need to get approval from a culture that supports only greed and selfishness I am not a follower of any source that is powered by such things, so I know that only those that are supposed to find me will and those that are not, will not Life is a Gift, Not a chance, live every day like it’s your last and love the people in your life, don’t do it for me, do it for them, do it for your children, they are the only ones that will hold your reflection

|Motion: Journey
Moving though the pivot of time remaining who I am without ridicule is impossible to anyone that tends to maintain stability. Without one being there for you it tends to lend itself to a cold nature of being a Human and finding one that understands dedication isn’t impossible but its neither easy with so much distraction in today’s worldSentimental still photography
You were there for me when I always walked the road and stumped my toes, in good & bad, your lending hand gave me courage and strength, I never got the chance to say thank you and to show my appreciation to how much it means to be alive but this audio motion, expresses the essence of the feelings I felt with your presence
Even thou your no longer here with me I face the world as it is, into a {Li.x.fe} until deathSentimental still photography

Restored data loss: some images were not loading correctly due to some backend errors they most have been restored and updated, will be looking into more on how the data is being run, 👍

Comments Fixed: everything is running smooth as of now, format for the communication has updated, image section will be added in about one month or to for the least.

Post Comments issues: im currently experiencing errors from the comments in my post pages, if they do not work and you will like to send me some comments please do use my contact form at the top of the page, thank you all for the warm support. 👍

Changed some visuals, added snippets, working on my Journal for over 3 years, soon I will publish a few of the things just for my records. 👍

Spring Time Spring may bring some things nice to look forward to shoot, with some things to keep bright.

Allot of working getting things up and running again, it was allot of fun doing so as I learned allot more than I ever did getting my servers online and things running again, you may notice that nekolah dot com will still be online for a few but it will be down when all finalizing are complete. New domain is sorted out and online everything is updated and everything is working just fine, Youtube no longer works with my free player that I use for my personal choice with the music video’s that’s fine I will use the other method for any video that will be giving info from YT.

Made changes to my server and change a few things around my branding, everything is still the same on a faster updated note, image gallery updated no more flash galleries however images will be a smaller for copyright protection.

Animals: My love for animals has never changed it have gotten bigger and bigger, I will have some of the most fun animals that I have come in contact with here as well as others that just find the lens a place to go broad.

Cityscapes: Cool view of the city with it’s massive high rise and detailed stucture of development, now that there are more to see and to shoot the city sky line is changing allot and this time around there will be some realls cool buildings included in the scenes.

Landscapes & Urban: Landscaping & Urban shooting is probably one of the best hits in capturing our beautiful planet I could never get enough from mother earth.

Macro’s: Viewing the small world is a fine exploration in getting the details and depth in all things at this level. Patience is top level in getting things just the way you want it, lighting them is a challenge but not with the right tools.