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Canon VF, Block Leaking Light (DIY)
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DIY Canon View Finder, Block Leaking Light for your Lee Big Stopper.
DIY Block Leaking Light form your camera mirror.

Please note: My Canon View Finder that im showing here is not the OEM version the OEM version does not have screws behind them but this one does and works with my camera just fine.

Today I have decided to make my own big stopper leak light stopper and its for DIY users that like to give things a go there own way,
What you will need for this is, I have marked off the view finder to the card for cutting.:

  • Your viewfinder eye piece.
  • Metro card or Business card, something that’s like plastic I prefer to use cause it will be better reusable.
  • A Scissors.
Scissors View Finder Card. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia dot com


First you cut the card to the size of the view finder, cut it wider that you need, you can always cut more off if it’s still to big, after cutting I unscrew the parts of the view finder just by unscrewing it, then lining it up to the body of it. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia dot com


I also puncture the card at the very top with a tack so i can hang it or so, but latter found this not important to me so just remade another one and color it black with a permanent marker. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia dot com


After that I check it to see how it fits inside of the view finder and it fit just right, do make sure it can grab the rubber on the view finder to make it easy when moving. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia dot com


On the camera im looking to see how it fits, and it shows really well how nice it hits, the end of the card can be folded further if you feel like there is still light leaking onto the mirror.. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia dot com
Hope this help anyone using there Lee Big stopper to have better images with no light leaking. Being that mine is a card so small I keep mine in my wallet so its very easy to find and use, and when im finish it goes right back into the pocket, a great cheep way of adding such a light piece of plastic or paper to help you out, please do feel free to leave your comments.
Added about 20min from doing a research online and finding this person who proved it not to be a problem and I have to add to this as well, while using my camera in the day time, I never covered my view finder and never noticed any leakage myself but I just know of this problem from years ago with all the small talks so I decided to add my own solution if it were even possible that light leakage were even happening, after all this piece of thing is so small if you ever got worried about the light at all it would take nothing big of a problem to block it out of your way.

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7 years ago

Great tip. Thanks for this.

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