The Hour Glass

Dark Planet (3/20/2016 - 3/21/2016)

March 20-21
2015: I woke up one evening only to find the world became dark where the sun exploded leaving the planet in total darkness, electricity and all forms of power ceased to work at all, food wasn’t an option as I had no more guidance of light before me, in my very own world where I stand the voice that once gave me courage and comfort was also gone. The path that I saw from a distance into the future were erased leaving to trail to be found that will lead me into the place that I have built. The world is no longer safe nor is it a place that were peace will ever be found again, today I fully understand the meaning of the word Life, and it’s not about having a good time doing the things you do, but more about recognizing what fills the emptiness inside that makes us one body again.
Tick Tock, the seconds are gone forever never to come back, today could be but one day would be the last. You where my hero and God’s greatest gift to man, even though the sun no longer shines like it use to, the sparks and flames you given me will last forever, Im a better person today than I have ever bin, I owe this to you, {Li.x.fe}, R.I.P where ever you are.


About the Author:

Ashton is a freelance media, developer and vision air bringing images across the web and in broadcasting. He’s very self-motivated with strong traditional values in different areas. Check out some of his posts on some interesting things that’s going on in the world, also some other healthy things that are being shared.
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