The Hour Glass

On-Assignment (4/11/2016 - 4/23/2016)

On-Assignment: Photography

Time has come for a change, doing what I love to do with great lengths and genuinely capturing what really matters some will be shared but the stories will be told.
Life is life no matter where we all live, many people have stories to tell even without a camera and a computer, some will voice there life and some will not, no matter how it’s presented to me Im always open to get that genuine essence of life and work the best way to make it a comfortable experience for the good of all man.


About the Author:

Ashton is a freelance media, developer and vision air bringing images across the web and in broadcasting. He’s very self-motivated with strong traditional values in different areas. Check out some of his posts on some interesting things that’s going on in the world, also some other healthy things that are being shared.
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