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IPhone 5S 64bit List of iOS 7 compatible jailbreak tweaks

Updated: Sunday, July 13, 2014

please note This covers only the IPhone 5S and will list tweaks that works and don’t work. In My Cydia store all apps except My3G is not compatible, one of the things I like about the app store is that it’s always on top of it’s game, even if a new IOS rolls out it takes a few days or to one week before things get updated. For the jailbreak nation no telling how long this can take. Ok there is a update that fix the springboard so now you can see apps in your settings! 64bit IOS


Like all know by now evasi0n7 has released there jailbreak tool for IOS 7 for the 4, 4S, 5, 5S to the public on Dec 22, 2013 well now I’m going to list what I use and works on my phone, I have read that some of the old tweaks still do work but it’s not guarantee to work, also if you’re a user of the IPhone 5S like I am you should know that since its 64bit that it will need to run on supported software that uses the 64bit architecture.

IPhone software use vary from user to user there for every phone will have different tweaks on them, since I’m a power user and with the release of IOS 7 a few of the most used tweaks are now standard and isn’t a must for me anymore on my device. I will build a list of tweaks that I use, please note these are either paid or free apps that I particularly use on a daily basis. I do not install tweaks for show or just to have, its either I need it or I don’t.

checklist The latest version of the tool for the update 1.0.3 from what I read are for users of Chinese iPhone should update and the TaiG Store is remotely disabled. Also the TaiG Store was enable if you have a Chinese iPhone with Chinese language enabled this is all fixed now for the IPhone but since I’m using a IPhone 5S this page will only be for the apps and stuff related to that phone only for now.


Coming from the Cydia Store once you get Cydia running on your IPhone 5S.

IOS 7 jailbreak released today

Published: Wednesday, Dec 22, 2013

Written by: BigBoss

So an iOS7 jailbreak was released today. However, it was done without working with the community. So almost none of the normal jailbreak material are ready (cydia, mobile substrate, any of the tweaks you want to install).

Since none of us developers have had any time with ios7 yet, we are all starting our work now. So it will be a while for everything (anything) to be working.

Also, for Chinese users, the jailbreak app installs something called “Taig” (a chinese appstore?) and you have to make sure to check the “cydia” box during jailbreak installation to get cydia installed.

Supporting the iphone 5s is going to be a larger task for most of us developers. The device runs 64bit arm, so unlike in the past, most tweaks have to be recompiled using a mac.

I strongly suggest that you download the jailbreak but do not install it yet for a couple weeks while developers update things. I suggest that you also do not upgrade your device keeping it at 7.0.4.



  • paid3G Unrestrictor v5.7.3-1 – The 5s version of My3G you will have to buy.
  • Activator v1.8.3 – the heart of gestures.
  • Action Menu v1.2.14 – Copy all dial. favorites and scroll must have.
  • paidAction Menu Plus Pack v1.2.14 – Gives you tons of copy paste and history copies.
  • paidAnimer7 v1.0 – This is for your notifications center.
  • AdBlocker v1.57 – Blocks adds in safari and other apps, this works for NEWS apps, a must have.
  • AllMail v1.5-2 – Delete all mail with one touch.
  • Applocker v2.2.5 – now you can lock your apps.
  • Awake Speech v1.3.2-1 – Makes siri tell you the time and weather with thank you.
  • AskToCall v1.1-14 – Slide bar that make sure you really want to call, no hip calling or accidental calls.
  • paidAyecon (iOS 7) v1.0.1 – Finally the theme has bin updated and is for iOS 7.
  • paidBattSaver for iOS 7 v2.0.8 – Expand your battery power on your idevice the best from cydia.
  • paidBridge v1.1.4 – import your music from YouTube this is a must have for anyone that loves the freedom with music.
  • paidbiteSMS v8.0.16 – it’s finally back and working how sweet, it’s free but I pay for the adds to be removed.
  • paidBioLockdown v1.1 – A cool bio way of protecting your apps. – NEW
  • paidBioProtect v1.3-37 – Is better for IMO than all the rest of bio apps, and it will uninstall BioLockdown you cant have both installed. – NEW
  • Bloard v0.0.7-1 – Color your keyboard to black or a Opaque dark grey – NEW
  • BlurredMusicApp v0.1-1 – Changes your music app layout to a darker blurred one. – NEW
  • Bolt v0.7.0 – replaces your battery icon with a bolt.
  • Boover v2.1-3 – Changes your badges colors to match there icons this one is square box, just what I like. – NEW
  • Bulb V1.1-2 – Icon for your flash light in case you want something extra for your screen to let you know its on. – NEW
  • paidCallbar v2.3-467 – Slim call bar. free.
  • CCHide v1.1-3 – Hides stuff in your like there will be no color keyboard but who knows. – NEW
  • CCLoader v1.2.4 – Must have for control center organizing list. – NEW
  • CCToggles v0.1-11 – Must have for controlling your quick launch centers haven’t bin more customized.- NEW
  • ClearFolders v1.0 – Makes your folder not have any bounds makes it free. – NEW
  • paidColorFlow v1.0.5-1 – Color your album art match the controls. – NEW
  • Cydia Substrate v0.9.5000 – Iphone 5s so now your tweaks will load on the settings page. – NEW
  • paidCopic v3.3 – Show pictures of contacts everywhere.
  • DismissMyKeyboard v1.1-1 – Swipe your keyboard on the iphone for more view.
  • DockShift v1.0-6 – changes your dock background.
  • F.lux v0.986.
  • Flat notes v1.0-10 – Add some detail to your notes app. – NEW
  • Gridlock 2.0 v2.0.5. – This is a must have app for locking your icons into position.
  • HiddenSBSettings for IOS 7 v1.1-4. – NEW
  • paidHideMe7 v0.9.7-2 – Hides what you want in iOS 7. NEW
  • Hide Newsstand 7.1.x 0.0.1-3. – Use Sprintomize 3
  • iblacklist v7.0-4 – This is the best call blocker to date, it blows away iOS7 blocker.
  • iTouchSecure v1.0.0.6 – This is one of the coolest secure apps out to date and it works with virtual home it will also work with BioProtect. – NEW
  • paidInfinite Tweet 2 v2.0-1 – This is a must have app for your page scrolls up and down and you can add more rows to your pages.
  • paidInfiniboard v2.1.2-1 – This is a must have app for your page scrolls up and down and you can add more rows to your pages.
  • paidInfinidock v2.1.2-1 – This is a must have app for your 5 dock and it scrolls to align with your pages.
  • paidiFile – installs all looks good and works but does not say register, a update will fix that.
  • paidInTube v1.5.2 – Extention for your YouTube app to download movies – NEW
  • paidLiveWeatherIcon v0.4 – Puts live weather on your weather icon, I was expecting apple to put this but its in a jailbreak app thanks, faster refresh times and can now change the default app as your weather app. – NEW
  • Lock Screen Tool v1.2-3, update v1.4.3 – change text on the lock screen. – NEW
  • Lunar Calender for Notification Center v1.6.2-1 – A simple lunar calendar for Chinese Zodiac.
  • Mail More Photos v1.8 – Now you can mail 5 photos from your photo album.
  • MarkAsRead7 v0.0.1-1 – by clearing from you NC panel it clears your read icon as well. – NEW
  • Messages Customiser v2.1 – edit how your sms messages are shown in color. – NEW
  • paidMiltiIconMover+ v2.1.0 – this version moves your icons from pages into folders the free version does not. – NEW
  • MiltiIconMover v1.1.0-1 – Move all your icons around without obstruction.
  • paid My3G v7.1.0 – Download big data files across your wireless network w/o the need for wifi.
  • NC Date Customizer v1.1-1 – Changes date and date color in NC menu. – NEW
  • NetworkList v0.3 – Save your passwords now you can see what your password is if you ever need it.
  • NoSlowAnimations v2.1 – Speed up the switching between apps speed boost. – NEW
  • NoSpot iOS7 v2.0 – Removes spotlight from the home screen to access it. – NEW
  • No Yahoo! v1.0-1 – Removes yahoo branding in weather and NC bottom info. – NEW
  • OpenNotifier – tateu v2.0~beta2-14 – Bringing back the mail icons in the task bar in iOS 7 – NEW
  • OpenNotifier – Icon packs or icon labels for your apps in iOS 7.
  • OneByOne Contacts v2.1 – Delete your contacts from the contact screen.
  • OpenBackup v2.0.4 – A must have for anyone serious about there tweaks backup.
  • paidPhotoAlbums+ for iOS 7 v1.0.0.2 – Take control of your photo library. – NEW
  • paidProTube v1.9.7-1 – The way the YouTube app should be get it.
  • paidProTube HD v1.6.5 – The way the YouTube app should be get it.
  • Priority Hub v1.1.5-1 Brings organization to your notifications on your lock screen. – NEW
  • Private Space v1.2-2 – Kill the social sharing in iOS7.
  • Purge v1.1 – Kill all backgrounds with a tap of the cards. – NEW
  • QuickClear v1.0 – Clears your NC with one touch instead of two.
  • Rich Text For Mail v1.2.7 – Have your replying in email fully editable.
  • Share Widget for iOS 7 v1.2.-1 – Notification Center for iOS 7, similar to the widget in iOS 6. – NEW
  • Simplock – v1.0-1 – clears your slide to unlock text from your lock screen. – NEW
  • SMS Stats 2 – v1.0-1-1 – Count your sms messages. – NEW
  • Spectral v1.0.1-1 – Change the way your lock screen album cover looks on the drop down, at first I didn’t think I would be useful but its great. – NEW
  • paidSpringtomize 3 -iOS 7 v1.1.0-2 – Best tweak period, minimize installing separate tweaks that slow your phone down with this.
  • paidSubtleLock (iOS 7) v1.0.3-3 – Change the way your lock screen album cover looks on the drop down, at first I didn’t think I would be useful but its great. – NEW
  • SwipeSelection v1.4.1-1 – Must have for a easy keyboard select, wish apple included this in IOS7, looks like a never show.
  • TinyBar v0.0.4-1 – Makes your menu bar nice and neat small. – NEW
  • UnlimTones v4.7-65 – downloading your ringtones haven’t bin easier.
  • Virtal Home v1.1.1-1 – Tweak for your home button to give different touch commands. – NEW
  • Wake Info v1.5.4-2 – Gives you the time and weather when your alarms goes off great app had it before.
  • Winterboard v0.9.3915 – For themeing your iPhone on iOS 7.
  • Zeppelin 2.0.1-151 – 5s all works now, with this you can change your carrier logo.

notonmylistDON’T WORK:

  • AlarmDisplay Pro.
  • AllMail v1.4-35 – installs but does not select all mail to delete.
  • Animer.
  • AnyAttach v1.2-1 – installs but will not show paper clip in email default client.
  • Applocker v2.1.6 – installs but does not work.
  • AskToCall v1.1-10 – installs but doesn’t ask do you want to call box, I will not be needing this on IOS 7.
  • Auxo v1.4-2 – I not using this anytime soon since IOS 7 has something similar unless it’s a major update.
  • Awake Speech v1.2.0-1 – installs but does nothing, I like this & will leave it until it updates.
  • biteSMS v7.5 – installs but crashes when trying to open.
  • Bolt v0.6 – installs but does not change your battery, will wait for the update Springtomize over took this option.
  • BlurriedNCBackground – I don’t need this anymore with IOS 7.
  • Bubbles Pro LivePaper v1.1.0-1 – I don’t need this anymore with IOS 7.
  • Browser Changer.
  • Calender Widget Pro.
  • CallBar – I don’t need this anymore with IOS 7.
  • ColorKeyboard v1.3.0-1.
  • Copic v3.2.1 – Installs but does nothing no pic besides your contacts.
  • CustomNCBackground.
  • DeleteMail v1.1-1.
  • DietBar v1.1 – Installs but does nothing – I don’t need this anymore with IOS 7.
  • DirectionBar.
  • Double@ – I will not need this anymore you can set this up i your shortcut menu.
  • FBMessenger Unseen v0.3 .
  • Five Icon Dock v0.9.3381-1 – Installs but does nothing – Use Springtomize.
  • Five-Column SpringBoard v1.1.2 – Installs but does nothing – Use Springtomize.
  • FolderEnhancer.
  • Icon Renamer v1.2 – installs but does not work.
  • iLostFinder.
  • Infinidock.
  • Infinite Tweet.
  • IntelliScreenX.
  • Iblacklist – installs but missing library’s to block so it restarts.
  • Kamera.
  • LivePapers v1.2.0-1 – installs but crashes, I will not need this anymore with IOS 7.
  • LowPowerBanner v1.4.5 – installs but does not give you warnings in when you get low battery.
  • Luna.
  • Lunar Calendar.
  • Mail Enhancer Pro.
  • Mail More Photos v1.5 .
  • No Update.
  • NoNewsIsGoodNews v1.0 – installs but does not hide newsstand.
  • OneByOne Contacts.
  • Opener.
  • PasswordPilot v1.2-1 installs but does not work With fingerprint this app is dead.
  • Preference Folders.
  • Private Space.
  • ProTube.
  • PushTone.
  • Quick Reply for WhatsApp.
  • QuickShoot.
  • RemindMeAgain.
  • Rich Text Mail.
  • RingerX VIP.
  • SleepDepriver v1.1 – installs but does not work, I will also leave this until it updates.
  • Springtomize.
  • SwitcherCleaner.
  • TypeStatus – dead with iOS7 this is default.
  • Wake Info.
  • Winterboard – installs but no-show.
  • WeekInCal++.
  • Yahoo! Weather is Better.
  • YourTube.
  • Zeppelin v1.1-1 – installs but does not work, I will also leave this until it updates.

If you got some bio apps and you want to re-scan your ID print then you may want to turn them off before scanning, I could of only scan one finger before I got cannot read finger please try again, only until I turn them off I could get to scan all my fingers as much as I need. This seems to be a problem with the touch ID I have notice this on my own however there is a writing over at BGR more on the subject>


If your getting any errors for any reason do uninstall substrate safe mode this will uninstall all your apps and cydia substrate as well, then reinstall cydia substrate, you should be all good to go. My problem was that my phone would crash then infinidock is disabled and a few other apps not showing up at all in the settings will be all gone as well, that method seems to fix the problem.


I will add more to the list as time goes by so please do feel free to add any tweaks that is working on your IPhone with the model of the phone so others can try them at their own. For now these are what works on my IPhone 5S, and as time goes on I will update the list as things begin to work for my phone, feel free to bookmark this page to your browser, Thanks.



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