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Subtle Light – Week 11/18-11/24
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Subtle Light

Essence Of Life: Week in frames brought to you by AshtonNekolah, Closing down the season as it comes around the thanksgiving is here again, this time is great to be outside watching the floats coming down 6th ave for the thanksgiving parade, latter in the day I just strolled down at the parade get a glimpse to see what was going on and although there wasn’t much you can see through the crowd you can tell that it was a show that Macy’s have put together and really did a very outstanding job at it.

Many road blocks where put in place and you couldn’t walk in to any of the street to watch the parade that led to the path where the parade was going, it was all base on time and even first come first serve and those that got there earl the morning before it started were the ones that stayed there to view it. This is what was great about the weather being warmer than usual at this time around, people from all over the world came to see the show and as well meeting people in the area that shared some of the fun things of the season. There were road blocks of all sorts around the city while windows were filled with the Christmas spirit to share.

A woman dressed up as the character Grinch food section. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia dot com

A woman dressed up as the character Grinch, adding up to the day’s , November 24, 2016. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia dot com

Toy dogs out on the streets. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia dot com

A kid take a picture of the parade that’s coming down 6th ave with her relative. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia dot com

Sanitation trucks were used to set barriers along the streets. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia dot com

A space that was here about 3 years and now uses for a space to goods when the holiday times come about. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia dot com

Toys in the windows along 5th ave. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia dot com

Getting people into the Christmas spirit is what its really all about. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia dot com

Macy’s Floats coming down 7th ave. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia dot com

Parents took there kids out to enjoy the show but from the limited blockage what little was seen was good enough. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia dot com

Truck with some art on it. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia dot com

Mother and son takes pictures together. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia dot com

Closer view of the Floats. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia dot com

Saks Fifth Avenue decoration to there store from outside. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia dot com

My position and captures are not much of whats coming down as some floats after these were pretty low for me to see. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia dot com

Rockefeller Center was decorated as well. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia dot com

These two ladies was so kind to give me this moment of the capture. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia dot com

Macy’s star balloons Believe. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia dot com

A child looks at the floats as the bands sings as well. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia dot com

Some kids could’t get high enough to see what was going on so they stood on the dividers that kept car lanes seperated. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia dot com

NYPD Chopper passes the ESB looking down at the area. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia dot com

34st onlooking down to where the floats turn and go down then back up 8th ave. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia dot com

He was cool just took a photo with the guy behind him before I took this shot. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia dot com


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