Li Of Ashtonesia: Is The consistency of change, The Xignature of what crosses my path as I walk into the distance of infinity. It holds the coded keys of my past and future, as I simply capture it with time through a uncorrupted state of mind, letting the elements themselves talk to me in their own way that there messages will be passed to the part of understanding without judgment or ridicule. What was meant to be will always be, I never believed in the lies that many has spoken before, to form separation and discouragement through manipulation of human engagement to always fight for the good of all mankind in what you believe to be right.
Many have gone, and will never come back as we know them, via all nations on this earth, we are on a planet that sails through space, with a greater importance to sustain life. Other planets has so much attention more than our very own that holds much more than what we have discovered, there is so much more unknown to us than what was told.
One day you will discover the true importance of the life you live, I may not be around to hear about it, but one thing is for sure it is coming at a speed faster than anyone can see, there will no stopping it, the only thing we have to remember is the way we perceive this future of our own. We all are responsible for the outcome of it, we can made it a good one, for the people of the world that we don’t have to suffer from our arrogance, it’s our world, the same world that you live upon we are all families of the same body of flesh that seek security, comfort, love and something good to look forward too.
The Passage, The Journey, The Imprint, The Man, Li.fe.

This will be the feed from my Instagram which will make things a little easier to watch when as I’m not sitting by the machine, it will be used as a flow to the images that goes online in my time around giving you a faster view to what I come into contact with which will either be made in a different format but before that format it will be presented in its raw state as I capture it at the time of my surroundings, I will hold it’s essence before it evaporates from distortion and distractions that plagues me anytime I come to the fore front. You will slowly notice the difference between two people in one body one minds eye.
See you, when I see you and enjoy as the times roll.

I Will Live For You & Me.