© 2017 Ashtonesia Nekolah.© 2017 Ashtonesia Nekolah.

 Ashtonesia | Nekolah is the English version of the man, founded in 2007, then one year later in 2008 the dot com was born, to be as a time capsule of images I like to capture with my passion for it, many stories of the living I have come across, some of these I hold very close to me as the lessons I learn from others for you will never live long enough to experience them all
Simplicity is what I am about, natural light is what I use 99% of the time with very fast bright lenses so I have no problems with low light conditions. I love animals and good people that really can help our world to be a better place to live on
I like to go places where other people will not to go base on religious beliefs and superstitions. I’m not a fan of any creed on this planet that practice, hate or any kind of discrimination against any other people because of their own personal views or bias opinions, these barriers are your worse enemy if you ever want to reach into the unknown they slow down the motivation of capturing what your heart’s desire
You can do and accomplish anything you want in this limitless world, it’s totally up to how far your willing to go and let no Man stop you in reaching your destiny for there is no one road that leads to the salvation that’s your intention of your being, see with your soul and not let your eyes deceive you

|Li.fe 1622: Night Sky|

It was the time we looked at the night sky filled with the stars and saw beyond the heavens. The things we have accomplished in this life time, to live the dreams many scarcely imagine Now I look at it alone and the memories live up there forever until I return back home to the place we once knew

As I am here I see the intentionality to become a better person and to always change to be the best that I can be regardless of age or beliefs, anyway, as time approaches we can’t always remain still in silence listening to the beats of our hearts in this age to another sometimes we will rise and sometimes we will fall. We must get back up and try again to correct our mistakes from the past It’s called a chance to make things right again Sometimes we do not get that chance in this life time and maybe just maybe we may get another chance to come back and try it all over again without any knowledge of happened in the previous
Should I think about that or should I keep on moving forward? As time wait’s not for a moment, the sky will not fall but I hold the moments of time within as I move forward into the inevitable


I’m pleased to be fortunate enough to be in these places to live the life over shining the shadow civilization that has been painted across the world forcing mankind to live in total dictation by machines and media controlled propaganda. Living the life and appreciating the positive people that surrounds me always helps me in every situation there is possible  Making the most of this life in its own light knowing that it is only for a while we will be around to give back the little we grew up on, whatever happened to the connection between humanity, my aim is capturing the light that shines through us that makes us human, that makes us people again, not to be prostitutes of vanity  Not many are fortunate to have a good life and many times it all is closed from the rest of the world and from people that can make a simple difference 

Life goes on and we all get old at some point in time, blessed are they that live long enough to see it through, blessed are they that have little and appreciate, for I will see you again, if not in this life the other, and a big thanks goes out the all those that have stood by me in bad and good times, I will never forget you. My name is A.N. and my images and video s are the life that reflects us all in a unconditional way 

Years from now images will remain as we get older and as some die, time has long gone but my focus of it will always look the same but too bad we can’t say that for ourselves, focusing is a main part of my life and weather I do it with my camera or my life I always want the sharpest results from it all. Yes some things change more in one year than in one decade, in the end it will be the result of the way we perceive it all 
Focusing taking shots on the run in any situation without fear or a hair in the world about who’s looking around at you, the taste of the past just boils me keeping it where I can see it when I need to. Sometimes if you don’t move fast enough you can miss the action or just run into the ground 

Images Live Set-1 © 2015 Ashtonesia Nekolah - Path to Manhattan from Brooklyn.Images Live Set-1 © 2015 Ashtonesia Nekolah - Path to Manhattan from Brooklyn.
Images Live Set-2 © 2015 Ashtonesia Nekolah - SunsetImages Live Set-2 © 2015 Ashtonesia Nekolah - Sunset
Images Live Set-3 © 2015 Ashtonesia Nekolah - The Brooklyn BridgeImages Live Set-3 © 2015 Ashtonesia Nekolah - The Brooklyn Bridge

  • CPS Member: Gear

    The Tools
    Bodies: 2 EOS Canon_1, Canon_2.
    Prime L50mm 1.2 /100mm F/2.8 IS.
    Super Wide L17-40mm.
    Telephoto L70-200mm F/2.8 IS II.
    Filter’s: Lee Filter System.
    Tripod1: RRS TP-243 Ground.
    Tripod2: RRS TVC 34L+BH-55 LR.
    Flash: Speed lite 580 EX II.
    Bag: Billingham 307.
    Mobile: Iphone SE.

    Everyone has their own way of capturing images with their tools, however, those tools needs something very well padded with the best seals in the world to protect it from the elements in today’s world all around us. In the best and worse condition no matter where you are you will need the best way to transport your tools safely along with you without worry and problems.

    One thing I must point out that I have read and heard from many photog’s is getting your gear in and out of your bag, how fast you can do this will depend on the shot, but this isn’t about getting the shot this is about how what is in my bag and my choice of carrying those tools around.

    My choice is the Billingham Hadley Large Blk, it is soft to the touch very well padded and the quality is outstanding, it’s storm blocker is a winner for me from the time I have use this is the toughest conditions from down pours to blizzards I will have full confidence that I will never have to worry about my tools getting damaged from the elements.
    From start to finish on a daily basis these are what I keep in my bag and it’s what gets my day in day out.

From Top Left to Bottom Right:
Bag: Billingham 307.
Telephoto L100mm F/2.8 IS.
Prime L50mm F/1.2 .
Prime L40mm F/2.8.
Storage: Lexar 128GB Pro 1066x CF Card (UDMA 7) & Battery.
Iphone SE29.7mm F/2.2.
Cleaner: Lens Pen
RRS: B2-XJ2 Clamp.
Bodies: EOS Canon_1, Canon_2.