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How to backup your iphone apps

please note

Backup your mobile apps and always have access to the files you need whenever you need it, no matter if the software is what you want or not either way you have the choice to keep what you want or don’t want. Works the same for windows and mac’s.

Have you ever updated your iPhone apps to find out latter that the app you so love either crashes or some options dropped? I’m sure this have happened to allot of people, and you can’t get back that .ipa file the old version again.

I had a incident where I send a email the developer about getting back the version before and to no luck at all was that possible, and was told that there was no way to get it back. Here are some things you can do to save you future hassle for when you want to revert back to the version before the new one?

You can either setup a folder on one your of external drives for this backing up, depending on how many files you got you will want to only use an external drive for more hard drive space, and I highly do recommend it so your main hard drive will be nice and free.

If you’re a user like I am, I also have my iTunes library on my external hard dive as well, if you don’t you may want to do this, when you open iTunes holding down shift on widows, Option key on Mac and then directing the system to the location on your external hard drive will save you tons of worries and problems.

Choose folder on External Hard Drive.

please noteSo now for the backing-up part-1.

  1. For the very first time copy all your files from the default folder to the backup folder.
  2. Then check for updates to your current apps, iTunes doesn’t save your old files.
  3. Download them and after they are updated.
  4. Copy them again to your new backup folder that you made and paste them in there.
  5. If you already have any apps in that folder you can skip the replace file by checking the box, it will only put the new files in the folder.
  6. Do this when files update, because when iTunes update a app it puts that app in your recycle bin.
  7. Once you have done that you have just saved your old files as well as the updated ones, you can clear your recycle bin. 

Folder to folder copy.

please noteNow for backing-up part-2.

  1. Use a file syncing application of your chooice.
  2. I use a application called Super Flexible File Synchronizer which change there name now to syncovery.
  3. Setup your application to sync to the folders like mine showed in the image below. the app maybe different from what your using but you can point your folders to the ones you have created on your external drive from folder to folder.
  4. Then run your action in the app so it can copy your new apps from the download folder to your backup folder, and that’s it.

Application Direction sync to there folders layout.

Apps completed there own sync.



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