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Jawbone Up v2 Fitness Tracker Wristband Review

Launched in November 2011, UP by Jawbone is an activity tracker, the company’s first non-audio product. It consists of a flexible rubber-coated wristband and accompanying iPhone and Android app,
UP allows users to track their sleep, eating habits, and daily activity including steps taken and calories burned. The wristband is water-resistant and designed to be worn 24/7, with a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 10 days at a time.[7] The wristband also features a vibration motor that can be programmed as an alarm to wake users in the best phase of their natural sleep cycle, or act as a reminder when users have been sedentary too long.[4] The UP app includes a social-networking platform designed to add an extra layer of motivation within the system. UP users can view their friends’ data and engage in challenges with other users.[4] Additionally, as a part of the UP Platform, Jawbone partnered with fitness related apps including: IFTTT, LoseIt!, Maxwell Health, MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal, Notch, RunKeeper, Sleepio,Wello, and Withings.

Use of the jawbone Up
I have been using this activity tracker for about a month now and these are what I find useful with the device with the app, at first sight, download the app, reg on the site and sync your band to your account. I really like the user interface of the app aside from Looseit app, you can use them both but you will have to pay Looseit for it to sync with the band as well.
I wasn’t expecting to pay for this feature but in order for the ease of use that is what you have to do. I like the up app from all the other apps out there cause of it fresh GUI it is very easy to spot your activities and things you eat, the app also give you tips for health improvement. With some charts under your input levels of today.
The charts are very clear and colorful to read this is before the 3.0 app and with the update of the 3.0 app that is tailored for the up24 band it takes nothing away from users of the up band. The band you can wear it anyway you like it doesn’t matter where you position the opening sections on your wrist it will work. I prefer mine on top of my rest instead of all the images on the web.
The jawboneup is available for 129.00 and you can choose from four different colors Onyx, Blue, Light Grey or Mint Green, and in sizes S, M, L you can check the site for more details, you can also get accessories as extra caps or the usb cable just in case you lose any that you already have.

Quick Over View Screen.

Activity Screen.

Sleep Screen.

Alert or Tips Screen.

Status Screen.

Sync Screen.

Home Screen.

Insight on how the band works.
The battery life doesn’t last 100% 10days mine will go as far as 8 days and this is not syncing allot, I sync mine about 2-3 times a day. Tracking your sleep and your steps per day is rock solid. The band is water resistant however I never wet mine or take showers with it, I always take mine off and keep it close by. The band feels solid on my wrist and doesn’t spin on its own, it’s very comfortable even when I type on a computer, or put on allot of clothes.
When I track my sleep I notice once you put the band into sleep mode do not get up and do anything or else the sleep mode will shut off, you will think it’s on but it will turn off on its own, I had this happen to me 2 nights in a row trying to put the band in sleep mode ahead of bed time. Sleeping with the band is very easy and comfortable and the alarm is a really nice feature for a quite wakeup in the morning or for a super sleep, it vibrates really cool. The new 3.0 app I’m not a big fan of but it works as for the greetings when you achieve goals I never saw them and I do a major amount of foot work but I get the cards that’s for sure.

It’s a band strong enough to last years if well taken care of, it tracks your activities always, simple to use with minimum effort the parts are strong and will not wear out from constant on and off of the cap, and is nice you have on your wrist for everyday use. Battery life is pretty good for weekly usage.

Not much to say here, you can’t submerse the band in water like for a swim or anything to that extent.

Runs on both the Iphone and Android.



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