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Subtle Light – Week 12/16-12/22
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Subtle Light

Essence Of Life: Week in frames brought to you by AshtonNekolah, faster than you can bet for or even make a wish Christmas is here and gone, as this time rolls down for me to change my direction it was allot of fun and challenging this year doing my images of the week for this city that I live in. I have learned many new things and met a few people along the way and even though I had my up and down’s it was all fun and a experience that is sure to help me along my journey in this life.

This my second to last week of the year and how I miss the things that I have passed already feeling like life is gone and im so far away on the other side somewhere I have no idea about, images will always be the way to look back on the times shared is ever way possible. I really tried to stay true to this area of my history as it will be a way I will also look back to how things use to be.

There are some images that I haven uploaded here but on IG, there too hold some times better preserved since I was in the moment of when it happens vs here where I roll along with the different encounters I come across with on a weekly daily basis. It’s not the end here but the beginning of something that will always hold it’s true place in my life as I share distance bits and pieces with the world on a different level.

The sun reflects off the Chrysler building as it goes down across the city into the latter part of the evening. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia Nekolah

At the side of the Christmas Tree in Bryant Park Santa hr’s December 20, 2016. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia Nekolah

Star in the Christmas Tree. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia Nekolah

New York City, that’s right, the only city for sure. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia Nekolah

The Big Christmas Tree at Bryant Park. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia Nekolah

Crystal Frosty, you will need some chocolate. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia Nekolah

Skates on ice. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia Nekolah

Some kind of decoration in the park on the dry grass. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia Nekolah

Looks like its mimicking some kind of hay ball. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia Nekolah

Security at the Park at the Facebook try out quaters. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia Nekolah

Where you will find the FB VR, many people took it for a try out. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia Nekolah

A young woman tying one on. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia Nekolah

People in front of the lines also ad there try outs as well. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia Nekolah

A view of the Tree from on the other side. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia Nekolah

Skating entrance and where you will gather up on a special entry. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia Nekolah

The fountain who knows if it will freeze this year or next when the winter really hits hard. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia Nekolah

A guy and his partner get something delicious to eat. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia Nekolah

The skating ring over at Bryant Park. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia Nekolah

A image of the frozen fountain last year. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia Nekolah

The park is a place where millions of people go every day of the year where it hosts load of event for adults. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia Nekolah

Writing on the wall the before and after but like everything it has to get thrown out and cleaned up. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia Nekolah

Toy glasses lost in the snow that lasted only for a short time. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia Nekolah

A distant piece of capture of 14st old bench chairs, they really need to upgrade this to something more modern. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia Nekolah

A time getting home during the rush hours. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia Nekolah

Clean walls after the sticky wars that only lasted for a few weeks. (#)
© Ashton .W / Ashtonesia Nekolah


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Ashton is a freelance media, developer and vision air bringing images across the web and in broadcasting. He’s very self-motivated with strong traditional values in different areas. Check out some of his posts on some interesting things that’s going on in the world, also some other healthy things that are being shared.
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