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The Passage, The Journey, The Man, The Imprint, Li.fe. It has bin a while since I have written something of though, or to be in self realization. The Journey, it can mean any of these things that when I use the word, (passage or progress from one stage to another) in development. It takes more discipline to recognize and stand by what is what I call a design, for ones own being to become the person that is. It is easy confused with what man call doing gods work. In fact it can be taken up as the same if it makes you feel better. However you can call it what you want to but I call it Design, the shapes and forms that makes us into what we are meant to become, and since all roads that handed out that are positive will lean to the same final destination in peace and happiness it is safe for me to say all roads are not the same.
These are the Designs that we miss interpret as something else that causes more confusion to development.

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The traces are there in front of you to follow, but looking down on the the pavement or the sand you see no paths that will lead you to where you need to go, our eyes fails us and deceive us because what we seek of greater importance is not biological, there for looking with the biological eyes will only lead us to no where and deeper in to confusion as to where to go.
The self realization begins on when you have made the choice, to accept the responsibility of who you are. I am a walker of great distances and of deeper thoughts other than what was given to me at birth, running away from the world and its wrath against people and there differences causing problems and making excuses as to why we must keep killing each other.
I think it has reached the end of the road for this sort of behavior for me. I will not live by these rules anymore. There are greater things to be done on this planet for the sustenance of peace for all.
Easier said than done, but in the end, you be the judge when your time has all ran out, or when the breakage has bin done, there is always a greater importance in life and that is to improve it’s quality from yourself. You can’t be that difference for other or change if you do not recognize that it begins with you first and then walking with the torch you can hand that light to the world that they too can shine.


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Ashton is a freelance media, developer and vision air bringing images across the web and in broadcasting. He’s very self-motivated with strong traditional values in different areas. Check out some of his posts on some interesting things that’s going on in the world, also some other healthy things that are being shared.
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