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Subtle Light – Week 11/25-12/01
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Subtle Light

Essence Of Life: Week in frames brought to you by AshtonNekolah, fur from off an animals back to the brutality to the very animals themselves some people are voicing for the people not ot buy Fur from Macy’s, now that we have a new President Elect there is a shift in how things will be done.

Macy’s 90th Thanksgiving day parade , to the people of Bangladeshi to ask the New President Elect for support, and to the daily fast live of New Yorkers day in day out.

The website for the animal activist. (#)
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Showing a few posters of the abuse. (#)
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The table of information and reaching out. (#)
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The Fox say don’t use Fur. (#)
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Macy’s The 90th of 2016. (#)
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People on there daily move. (#)
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The people that want’s to save Bangladeshi. (#)
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Justice for Hindus. (#)
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Walking in the rain, suppose to be where the leaves get there last droppings. (#)
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